SRS201R2 Assembly – first pass

file:///home/geoff/Documents/org/img/SRS201REV002-Assembly-1.png I’ve assembled the first board. The PCBs came out well (many thanks to Mitch) and everything went smoothly. The next step is a quick sanity test and then I’ll assemble a couple more ready for pre-production testing.

I had intended to get a time lapse of the assembly, but didn’t get the setup right. I’ll try and get some decent footage of the next PCB I assemble. It could be tricky to get useful footage though given how small some of the components are…

Relay Shield REV002 PCB

file:///home/geoff/Documents/org/img/SRS201REV002-PCB-prev-small.png After a bit of a hiatus, the Australian Robotics Smart Relay Shield is moving forward! The SRS201 REV002 PCB just arrived from hackvana. This is the second time I’ve used hackvana, and I am very pleased with the result. I ordered five boards and payed a bit extra for a fast turn around and courier delivery. Four working days later and have ten boards in my hands for less than 100AUD!